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Manny Pacquiao will be a man on a mission when he faces off with Timothy Bradley in early June. Pac-Man needs to show any talk about him ducking Floyd Mayweather was way off base, and he’ll do just that be dominating the previously undefeated Bradley.

While he has a gaudy 28-0 career record, Bradley simply hasn’t faced a fighter anywhere near the caliber of Pacquiao. It’s like a baseball player who has been dominating Double-A pitching getting a call to the majors to face off against Roy Halladay.

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When “Desert Storm” did have a chance to fight a formidable opponent in Amir Khan, he refused the bout. That’s likely because he knew a loss would mean any chance of a major payday for fighting Pacquiao would go out the window.

What makes this fight even less intriguing is the fact Pacquiao’s camp selected Bradley from a plethora of different candidates. They are obviously not worried about putting together the best possible fight when they make a decision like that, they just want a victory and a big share of the pot.

Bradley doesn’t have enough weapons to put a scare into Pacquiao. He doesn’t have an elite defensive style like Juan Manuel Marquez, who almost knocked off Pac-Man in his most recent fight.

His offense is one-dimensional. He has some nice power, but doesn’t have the agility to use it effectively against the world’s best fighter. Pacquiao scouted Bradley before picking him, so he has a pretty good idea of what’s he’ll be facing.

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After all of the hype about a possible Pacquiao clash with Mayweather, it’s a major letdown for the entire boxing community to be forced into watching two inferior fights because the two sides were too busy pointing fingers to hammer out an agreement.

There’s just no reason besides egos for the superfight to keep getting passed over. It’s the only bout with any chance of revitalizing the sport of boxing and fans have been craving it for a long time, which means the money would be there.

Yet, everybody will be forced to watch an overmatched Bradley get dominated by Pac-Man instead. Not exactly the consolation prize boxing diehards were hoping for.

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