Clip from “The Fighting Irish – Bare Knuckle Boxing Vol 1″. The video is from 1990, it’s based in England, about a Legendary Irish Bare knuckle Boxing Traveller by the name of Dan Rooney that travels to UK to fight an English Bare Knuckle Boxing Traveller. Just as the fight between the two is just about to start, Patrick Doherty (left in the clip) walks up and wants a fight with Dan Rooney. Then Johnny Coyle jumps in kicks ass including Dan Rooneys brother…ALL HELL breaks loose. The scenes in this clip take place early on the day of the fight. Both guys travel to show people they are the best! This is essential viewing. The scenes in this dvd are legendary and to this day are talked about . DVD footage goes on for about 1hr 30m. I have this complete dvd, over 1 hr 30mins of fighting and alot more classic fight talk scenes. I can send it on anywhere in the world, for €10. I can only receive payment by paypal, it’s the safest, fastest and easiest for both parties.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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